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3D services and products including 3D scanners, desktop 3D printers, 3D scanning, modelling and 3D printing in the heart of Budapest.
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Let your imagination fly with 3D printing!

During our show peeople can scrutinize 3D printing from the closest perspective possible. While you can hand over a prize to your most important partner at the and of the dinner that came true layer by layer in front of your guests’ eyes.
Special gifts such as branded pendants or custom key rings are also possible with 3D printing!

Surprise your partners with a program most of them have never seen before!

Since the company’s foundation it’s been proven that the live presentation of 3D printing and 3D scanning is not only a captivating but also a spectacular program. Therefore we developed a service package for companies, event organizers, marketing and PR agencies to give any event or promotion a high-tech edge and position the company as an innovative thought-leader among their partners and competitors.
We already had the chance to work with companies like Nestlé, Telenor, OTPMobile, Fujitsu or Continental.


Meet the true self of your partners during the experience of joint creation!

3Doodler is a 3D printing pen that literally let’s you draw in the air. Sounds like a fun activity for children? Not quite!
Our experience shows that 3Doodler is just as if not far more captivating for adults as youngsters. Let us pick some great stencils for your audience and make their creativity fly thorugh thin air while bonding with your brand even more!

Are you looking for a great team building program?

We are more than happy to help with that as well! No matter is your employees are technology-oriented or rather enjoy active outings, trying 3D printing and scanning is interesting for anyone!
During our workshops they can have a peak into 3D design, modify a 3D model together, learn how to 3D scan a person (they can also get to scan eachother which is great fun), how to prepare the outcome for 3D printing and print it.


Our services include but are not limited to the followings:

  • designing and 3D printing of company gifts, logos and decoration – Give an innovative theme to your event!
  • help with 3D design
  • 3D scanning of people and objects – Make your event interactive: scan your guests upon arrival and send them their virtual 3D model afterwards!
  • on-site 3D printing with colored LED lighting – Present your valuable partners with prizes which were built layer by layer before their eyes during dinner!
  • drawing in 3D with 3Doodler pens for everyone – Playful or younger guests? Let them try one of the first 3D printing pens and make them draw in the air!
  • expert instruction and supervision in Hungarian and English – Should they have any questions about 3D printing, your guests can ask them all from our expert team.