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About the process of 3D scanning

We deliver 3D scanning projects in our office or at an outside venue with handheld scanners such as Artec Eva, Artec Spider and Sense scanners. For scanning object we usually use and recommend the Artec Spider scanner with which device you can create the most precise 3D scans suita ble for industrial measurements.
For scanning people or bigger objects we use Artec Eva and Sense scanners depending on the level of detail required by the partner. The outcome of the process is a 3D mesh model with or without texture data. Scanning a human form can take upto 3-5 minutes for which time the subject has to stay absolutely still. The process sometimes has to be repeated. For this reason we don’t recommend the scanning of animals or little children.
In case of object scans we usually require the object to stay with us for 3-5 working days so that we can schedule the scanning according to our workload and also give it several tries until the best scan is captured. However exact timing can be requested if neccesary.
We’ll give you details about further technical limits and opportunities once we are in contacts.
The cost of scanning an object starts from 30 000 HUF + VAT (Artec Spider scan), while scanning a person starts from 5 000 HUF + VAT (Sense scan).

Please always ask for our custom offer at!

Comparing the precision of an Artec Eva and a Sense 3D scannes

With our Artec Eva and Spider scanners you can create textured, full-color scans with industrial precision. You can go on to work with the mesh models in suitable 3D modeling softwares.
Since no human can stay absolutely motionless (not like objects) this picture does not illustrate the full potential of Artec scanners, just the difference between Sense and Artec Eva when scanning a person.