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3D services and products including 3D scanners, desktop 3D printers, 3D scanning, modelling and 3D printing in the heart of Budapest.
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Slide background MiniMe Surprise your friends, family or partner LIFELIKE 3D PRINTED STATUES and give them a small, 3D printed replica of yourself or the experience itself!


Have yourself, your kids, family, friends or partner 3D scanned and printed and freeze a great moment of life in a 3D printed sculpture!!


In case of statues made of more than one people or statues that require painting afterwards, ask for our custom offer!

A few important things to note about the process

  • Scanning a person can take upto 5-15 minutes from which the actual scanning process lasts 3-5 minutes. During that time you have to stay as still as possible. For this reason we do not recommend choosing a very difficult posture and the scanning of animals and small children.
  • When several people would like a model together, usually we scan them seperately and 3D model them together with a software later. This allows for more detailed scans and less errors.
  • You make-up or the color of your dess has no effect whatsoever on the scanned model. Exception in case of your clothing: if you want your statue painted later.
  • See-through dresses (including glasses) might not be scannable.
  • Generally printing takes 8-12 hours so you can have your MiniMe in 2-3 working days.